Berlin, Germany


“Images have this strong capacity to mobilize people, as long as one masters the rules of story telling and messaging.”
Clement Guerra completed his Master’s Degree in Sociology of Organizations and Business Strategy in 2004. Ever since, he has been travelling all over Europe, working as an International Marketing Consultant Manager as well as a professional photographer and filmmaker (Germany, Austria, Ireland, England, France). He has also helped many companies launch effective social-media campaigns in order to increase companies’ visibility. He speaks 4 languages fluently (working level): French, English, German and Spanish.
Beyond understanding framing, lighting, etc. Clement has extensive experience (more than 10 years) in interviewing, leading a debate and synthetizing content. Images have this strong capacity to mobilize people, as long as one masters the rules of story telling and messaging. What’s more, in order to reach the public’s sensitivity, one also needs to have a clear knowledge of the intended audience. Throughout the years, Clement has developed this critical ability to identify and target a specific audience and adapt the message so as to maximize impact.
For the past two years, he has been directing a documentary film called “The Condor & The Eagle” – which led to extensive travels in Canada, the US, Peru and Ecuador. 2015 Oscar Nominee Mark Ruffalo says about this project: “I am very impressed with this inspiring Indigenous alliance initiative – bringing together Indigenous leaders from the North and from the South. The Condor And The Eagle is an important Documentary Film in the making, witnessing how the Indigenous people are organizing their communities around Mother wisdom”:  The finished product will explore the links between climate change and natural resource extraction in the Americas (Boreal Forest & Amazon), land abuse and renewed ways to build alliances between Indigenous women.
Clement has been at the heart of the Climate movement in the American continent for almost two years. The climate resistance as well as environmental justice movement has been gaining ground everyday thanks to a growing network of activists and supporters, emancipated from rigid geographical and ideological borders. Together, we will be stronger. Clement aims to open the eyes of the international public on the negative impacts of unsustainable industrial developments in Europe and emphasizes the solutions at hand. Clement is located in Germany where lots of the environmental innovations come from and where many great debates are being created. Clement feels honored to be representing the European region for Survival Media Agency.