Our own Table Series

A complex project to create nine videos across three locations, for five organizations focused on electoral engagement and the impacts of dirty energy.


Center For Community Change

Media Makers

Shadia Fayne Wood, Olivia Abtahi, Emma Cassidy, Kay Cuajunco, Isabelle Carbonell, Heather Craig, Nina Reyes Rosenburg, Jose Chali, Erin Whitson, and Dani Camino


November, 2016


California, USA & Washington, USA

Our team took on coordinating in-depth documentary work in three locations, with five organizations, ten freelancers, to produce nine videos of varying lengths. I know it’s a stunning equation.

Our first set of films features the work of 4 tenacious organizations leading the way in the struggle for climate justice.

Our next set were promotional pieces set around the election, urging voters from communities impacted by dirty energy to build power at home through civic engagement and voting.

Our final piece is a 10 minute film that knits the stories of all the groups together to show that communities on the frontlines are fighting for solutions that work for us all.