Vote Earth

A short video to communicate the high stakes of the 2016 US election and encourage people to get out the vote.


350 Action

Media Makers

Heather Craig, Tiffani Holland, Shadia Fayne Wood, Olivia Abtahi


November, 2016



One last video message from Bill on this election

President Trump would mean human suffering beyond measure. He's got at least a 25% chance of winning, and we have the tools to get that down to zero. Let's use them.Here's one last video message from Bill on this election: why we've got to get out the vote to elect Hillary Clinton, and then organize like crazy to keep fossil fuels in the ground. Nothing comes for free.

Posted by 350 Action on Friday, November 4, 2016

Our team was contracted to produce a 2 minute film with Bill Mckibben urging folks to vote for Hillary Clinton in lieu of Donald Trump. The goal was to give voice to the reasons why so many folks were frustrated and dissatisfied with their choices at the ballot box. We were contacted on a Friday, put together the creative plan that day, booked logistics and our team set out to film on Sunday.