Our hand-picked team of global media-makers puts quality first.

Through stunning photography, videography, and graphic recording, we make your work come alive. 


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We continue to work on a variety of projects for the climate movement all over the world. Take a look at some of our favorites to get a sense of the caliber of our visual material and the passion behind it all.


Our Vision

We tell climate stories that help your organization cut through the noise. Our hand-picked team of global media-makers puts quality first. Through stunning photography, videography, and graphic recording, we make your work come alive.


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If you like what you see and think there should be more high quality visual media for the climate movement, donate to our agency. We’ll put it toward a critical project that might not be able to afford a professional media maker.

“In order for people to even dream of another world, they need to see it’s possible.”
— Shadia Fayne Wood, on The Power of Visuals
We have
36 SMA Media Makers in
21 different locations around the world.
Chicago, IL
Oakland, CA
Eugene, OR
Richmond, VA
Baltimore, MD
Columbia, MO
New York City, NY
South Central, AK
Ottowa, Canada
Montreal, Canada
Vancouver, Canada
Suva, Fiji
Nairobi, Kenya
New Delhi, India
Kolkata, India
Cambridge, England

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Survival Media Agency (SMA) is a growing group of diverse photographers, filmmakers, graphic artists, and more who are passionate about the fight against climate change and injustice the world over. From conferences to protests to short films, we have documented every step that organizations and people take to create a safer environment for their communities. SMA has worked with countless organizations and brands to help bring their stories to life. Every client has a different theory of change, we takes special care to understand how it all works, and each project is planned with all the needs in mind. From visual strategy to engagement, we consider every aspect of the project before, during, and after production.


Get in touch with us now to speak with one of our producers. We handle a range of budgets and needs, from hiring media makers to cover an event to creatively visioning the story and script. We also have a wealth of archival media to add to your current project, video of extreme energy extraction and green solutions, as well as those breathtaking photos to complete an article or post.

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