Helena Gonzalez Martinez

San Francisco, CA


Helena Gonzalez is a videographer and producer recently relocated here from Mallorca, Spain. She grew up in a natural UNESCO World Heritage Site and has always been an active member of the environmentalist community protecting a land threatened by predatory development. With a background in philosophy, education and cultural management, Helena has a critical eye that turned her towards advocacy and media arts.
A year ago Helena started collaborating with Sacred Land Film Project with the hope of expanding the knowledge on environmentalist documentary production. Since then she has collaborated with projects such the Brower Youth Awards or the International Maritime Mammal Project offering graphics and video services in exchange of a learning opportunity. Her debut as one-woman- band videographer in the Bay Area was with The Deciding Force Project, a University Berkeley research project that uses big data to analyze the dynamics in protests.
Through this experience Helena is establishing a foundation for documenting causes that need to be given a voice and of relevance for current cultural development.