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Survival Media Agency (SMA) is a thriving global network of media-makers who have dedicated their skills and knowledge to building just and equitable societies. Through our compelling photography and videography, we aim to educate and empower people around the world with solutions for sustainable development.  Over the last few years, we have proudly partnered with several national and international organizations to document their work in various parts of the world.

We are a well equipped team and can create media without any external support.  We can help you create media on climate change or otherwise by

  • creating video documentaries around your work
  • reporting stories from the field
  • covering events via video, photography or both
  • writing blogs
Women from Alampura, Madhya Pradesh get ready to embark on a farmer's foot march. Recurrent drought in the last two years has crippled villages in 11 states both socially and economically. However, people all along the affected areas are pushing for sustainable solutions. People in hundreds marched for 200 kms from Marathwada to Bundelkhand to take a stand against the lack of action by the government in securing the livelihood of almost 540 million people affected by the silent disaster.

Survival Media started its journey in India in 2011 as a group of independent media makers, who traveled to the villages of West Bengal to understand and document the impacts of climate change on the lives of people living off the grid and local solutions to these communities had adopted. We called our team, Project Survival Media.


Project Survival Media started at a time when most of the world did not believe that climate change was real or impacting lives of the people in any way. Our ‘Solutions For Survival’ programme was quite avant-garde in that sense and our responsibility was twofold – a) to establish that climate change was real by showing impacts of the change in local climates, and b) to show that people who were affected by climate change were already coming up with low cost, replicable, and indigenous solutions to mitigate the impacts of climate change. We were celebrating local knowledge and knowledge leaders ahead of the time.


Over next five years, we traveled to different parts of India, documenting and preserving local solutions to climate change, and we were able to put these solutions on an online portal where communities in Kenya – where our other team is based – could learn from communities in India and vice versa. Other people and organisations associated with the climate movement and environment conservation, started finding value in our work. Our media outreach increased and our work started receiving recognition. These organisations and individuals who were also working for communities and biodiversity in different regions wanted to document their work. Soon, we started creating media for them. This is how our Project Survival Media turned into Survival Media Agency.


Since 2015, we have proudly partnered with several organisations in India and globally to document their work. With GIZ, we travelled to six states of India to document the voice of youth on climate change. With Global Green Grants, we traveled to the Philippines to create short videos around the work of the youth from indigenous communities of Iboloi. Our media making also took us to paris to support the work of Women’s Educational and Development Organisations on bringing the voices of women and gender to the forefront in climate change debate.
We are immensely proud of our work and partners we have worked with so far. We want to use our successes and experiences to become a larger network of media makers, supporting all the important work happening around the world in climate change and related issues.

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Ringing Endorsements

“In the lead up to COP21, we collaborated with Project Survival Media to tell the stories of three young climate activists in Kenya, the Philippines, and Ecuador. The project spanned multiple time zones, languages, and filmmaking visions. Through it all, I was impressed by Project Survival’s creativity, patience, and storytelling chops. The end result is a series of 12 social media videos that pack an emotional punch and serve up all our messaging and branding needs. Our funder was thrilled, our grantees have a tool they can use to spread their important message of climate action, and we would definitely work with Shadia and the Project Survival Media team again.”

– Global Greengrants Fund


“Survival Media Agency have become important and powerful storytellers for the climate movement thanks to their top quality photos and videos. History will look back fondly on the milestones they have helped document with mastery.”

– Hoda Baraka, 350.org