Our photographers are skilled in the art of documentary photography and narrative based photography. Meaning — we can cover your protest or help you tell a powerful story. Our work excels in emotionally moving portraits, momentous crowd shots, poignant juxtapositions, and cute kids taking action.

Above all else, our photographic work humanizes the issues at hand.


Our videographers are talented storytellers. We expertly weave together stunning b-roll with powerful interviews to tell critical stories. Our films about climate change, dirty energy extraction, or renewable energy are all very accessible — we make sure to stay away from jargon and stereotypical visuals.

We are here to shoot and edit your next film. Or if you just need one or the other we are happy to do that. We specialize in promotional videos, documentary videos, and above all else moving short films.


Coordinating Teams

Many of our media professionals have worked together on teams before. If you have a massive event or protest that you need coverage for, we can seamlessly coordinate many media makers to get you the images and video you need.


Visual Strategy Consulting

With nearly a decade of experience, we know what it takes to tell a compelling visual story. It’s not enough to show up with a nice camera — you need a plan. Before your event, we can help develop a visual action plan, a shot-list, and a curation and distribution system to make sure the most strategic story gets told to the right audience.